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I’Milky might sound such as a boba tea version from the Groovy Smoothie, exactly where the “iCarly” gang utilized to hang away. Even if you’re not a fan of old Nickelodeon sitcoms, you will discover much to enjoy at this particular chain with locations in Chinatown, Midtown, and Brooklyn. I’Milky’s all about easy, natural substances like actual cane sugars and darling, fruit, plus fresh whole milk of multiple varieties (dairy, oat, me llaman, and Lactaid).

Milky tea, as per the shop’s title, really are a specialty at I’Milky and are offered in black, green, jasmine, oolong, matcha, and barley varieties. Gleam selection of milky beverages without herbal tea, including coconut taro, cacao milk, plus brown sugars bubble whole milk. Even nonmilk drinkers may find some thing on the menu, since I’Milky provides plain teas which range from extra-caffeinated ones like oolong plus green to milder types like Earl Grey and jasmine to the completely caffeine-free barley tea.

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