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A little or a latte? how much caffiene is in your high street chain coffee? metro graphics Credit

How much coffee is in your high-street chain coffee? (Picture: Metro. co. uk)

With regards to the caffeine strike, the strength of espresso within your glass differs hugely based on which high street chain you buy it from, a study discovers.

Cappuccino drinkers get most hammer for their particular buck at Costa, along with 325mg of caffeine – comparable quantity contained in four cups of tea.

That is five moments stronger than a creamy coffee bought at Starbucks, which usually contains the least on 66mg, Which usually? found.

Because for espresso, Pret the Manger is where your taste buds will get the greatest conquer.

A single shot there includes 180mg of caffeine, nearly six instances more compared to one from Starbucks which had a ‘meagre’ 33mg by comparison, the consumer watchdog reported. Pret also serves the strongest filter coffee – with 271mg of caffeine for each cup plus two-and-a-half periods as a lot as the particular Starbucks version, which included 102mg. Greggs was the close second, with 225mg inside a filter coffee.

Caffè Nero got the second cheapest levels of coffee, after Starbucks, both in its cappuccinos – containing among 110mg and 115mg – as well as its coffee, with 45mg.

Starbucks and Costa

High-street espresso chains provide ‘huge’ distinctions in the amount of caffeine they will serve, based on a research through which? (Picture: PA)

Fancy a cappuccino? Head to Costa for a lot more caffeine (Picture: Getty)

The variations are due to the quantity of caffeine shots utilized throughout the chains but additionally the particular type associated with fastened – either arabica or the ­double-strength robusta, said Which?

And its results could become potentially problematic for customers who are sensitive to caffeine, or expectant.

The NHS says mums-to-be should consume no more than 200mg of coffee each day, advising that the cup of instant coffee consists of 100mg and a cup of filter coffee includes 140mg.

Which? doctor Shefalee Loth said: ‘Many of us rely on coffee to get all of us with the dark winter days, but our research displays you may be consuming significantly more, or much less, caffeine compared to you bargained for.

‘Most of the time this shouldn’t become an issue in case a person drink a lot associated with coffee or even have to restrict your coffee intake a person might would like to think about what you are ordering and where through. ’

The outcomes…

Caffeine content material in milligrams and consume sizes in millilitres


Caffè Nero 45mg (30ml)

Costa (Signature Blend) 100mg (30ml)

Greggs 75mg (28ml)

Pret 180mg (30ml)

Starbucks 33mg (25ml)


Caffè Nero 110-115mg (355ml)

Costa (Signature Blend) 325mg (362ml)

Greggs 197mg (341ml)

Pret 180mg (350ml)

Starbucks 66mg (350ml)

Filter espresso

Caffè Nero N/A

Costa (Signature Blend) N/A

Greggs 225mg (341ml)

Pret 271mg (350ml)

Starbucks 102mg (350ml)

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