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Just about per month back again, Wagh Bakri Tea Team, the 3rd biggest packaged green tea company in India with a proceeds of over `1, five hundred crore, opened up its 15th tea community centre in Noida’s upscale DLF Mall associated with India.

A little over two years ago, Chaayos’ physical impact was 75 outlets across the country. Currently, its store count is two hundred.

Chai Point too has reached one hundred and eighty stores throughout nine cities. Both Chayoos and Chai Point possess ambitious extension plans and expect to add regarding 100 stores each over the next 12-18 a few months.

Obtain the drift?

Today the particular humble cuppa is much larger than a good excuse pertaining to roadside tittle-tattle. The rash of herbal tea lounges plus bars have taken what used to be, at the best, a social lubrication, and changed it into a `700-crore market place.

Homegrown teas café chains have been quick to cash in on the out-of-home demand from the youthful consumer cohort, offering snacks, groovy atmosphere and also free wi-fi connection. Chains this kind of as Chaayos, Chai Stage and Wagh Bakri’s Herbal tea Lounge are usually ramping upward their offerings to focus on a segment for who coffee stores were the particular default hang-out zone. Until recently.

But just how sustainable are they, given that 80% associated with the teas drinking marketplace is unorganised? Pramod Damodaran, CEO, Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge, states brands in this segment are catering towards the “need state of the particular consumer”, regardless of whether it can be meetings, family outings, a quick relaxation after purchasing at the mall or even a noiseless moment within airports, offices or hospitals. “We raise the green tea drinking experience and allow it to be premium, almost akin in order to how teas drinkers in the past would take pleasure in their teas at feel like hotels, yet we provide the experience at affordable prices, ” he says. While espresso chains present muffins and croissants with their beverages, Wagh Bakri pairs its green teas with pakoras, samosas plus vada pav, which speak out loud more with all the average Indian native consumer.

Growing the marketplace

Nitin Saluja, president, Chaayos, pulls parallels along with global espresso brand, Starbucks. “Before Starbucks launched in america, there had been very few great quality espresso retail shops. In the Native indian context, just before chai eateries were launched, consumers could barely appreciate a great cup associated with tea inside a hygienic retail space outdoors their houses, ” he admits that.

The pandemic, too, performed its component in finding consumers to select hygienic choices. That is definitely why house delivery, which was 20% of Chaayos’ income prior in order to the outbreak, now hovers around 30-35%.

The success of chai chains is a reflection associated with evolving customer preferences. Saluja says regardless of the presence associated with huge international and homegrown brands within the coffee store segment, the particular category makes an annual revenue associated with around one, 500 crore. “In comparison, you will find only 3-4 homegrown chai kaffeehaus players, but their mixed annual income is around seven hundred crore. Only chai store chains in India can replicate the success of coffee stores on the western part of the country, ” he says.

Damodaran says their chain is usually not contending with coffee chains but rather catering towards the growing requirement for cafes. It is for this particular reason the fact that brand also offers coffee throughout its stores. Wagh Bakri has fifteen tea lounges and 10 tea kiosks (Tea World) across Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi NCR but programs to increase its impact in the particular North, Western world and Sth within the next 3 years.

“The industry can ensure long-term health only by capturing the worth provided by out-of-home consumption in modern top quality formats, packed branded sales in modern retail and direct-to-consumer versions, ” amounts up Devangshu Dutta, TOP DOG, Third Eyesight.

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