‘I tried certainly one of ‘best’ tea shops in London with colour-changing drinks’ — My Greater london

It has the no secret that we all Brits like tea. On a working day, in any specific moment, actually is likely there are plenty of me using a steaming mug of coffee clasped within my hand — a caffeine fix to propel our brain towards clocking away time. But , since I learned that there can end up being more coffee within the staple cuppa compared to some coffees, my world continues to be rocked.

I have been general to cup of PG Tips (other brands are, naturally , available) but We have recently discovered herbal and fruity teas and they are right now firmly about my every week shopping list. There are associated with course, countless Pret the Mangers cellular lining the high streets associated with London, this feels such as there will be a Starbucks on each corner, plus there is certainly a whole host associated with independent coffee shops littering the capital’s cobbled roads.

It’s much scarcer to find a great tea store and thus, I went on the hunt for top level. Enter The Camden Teas Bar.

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The quite outside of the tea shop

I searched the internet for the purpose of the ‘best’ tea stores in the city plus found the helpful guideline on LondonxLondon ranking The particular Camden Tea Shop since one of the top 12. Among Fortnum and Mason and Whittard associated with Chelsea, I actually knew it was in reliable company.

The guide highlighted the tea shop’s “incredible ambience” plus wide selection of over 100 different flavours since plus factors stating: “This is considerably from regular tea. Think green teas, black tea and still rare teas – a person can actually grab gifts and tea brewing products. ”

The company dubs itself an “artisan tea specialist, inches dedicated to providing “great tasting drinks manufactured from natural ingredients”. The Camden Green tea Shop is certainly an opening in the particular wall inside Camden Market and it has a sister shop called The Camden Tea Bar in which you can take a seat with views from the balcony looking over the hustle and bustle of the market.

I elected for the Bar, that has a five star rating on TripAdvisor, and set away with higher hopes of finding a mouth watering cup of tea, that tasted sufficient to competitor my beloved cup associated with Joe. Right after climbing the stairs to the tea club, I discovered beautiful plants adorning the exterior and a cottage-core internal perfect for obtaining a corner in which usually to curl up with a good book. Up to now so good.

There are a large number of teas to pick from

Testers favoured the fantastic service and knowledgeable staff so I actually was intrigued to discover what they would recommend. After scouring the extensive menus, which offers a handy key to make sure you get the best taste, caffeine plus size choices, I consider two quite different flavors I’d never tried prior to that came with good testimonials from the staff.

There is the scale associated with prices ranging from £3 to £10 depending on how specific niche market the tea was but I chose to opt for the intriguing Unicorn Drank plus an AppleTEAni in little and big sizes correspondingly. The total came to £7 exactly and I going to my seat to wait around for the odd drinks in order to be produced.

Inside the tea store

While I waited, I listened to the relaxing background music which was much from your standard coffee shop or herbal tea room soundtrack – already the expertise was shaping up to rival Costa.

Traditional tea-drinkers, look away now, because, once the beverages arrived, I actually noticed they were served inside glasses rather than in a teacup along with a saucer. Never be anxious, you may still stick your pinky finger out there and action as want as a person as with the glass.

Dubbed a “tea second half’s delight, inches I had been thrilled to notice whether The Camden Teas Bar can convert me to some full-time tea consumer. First upon the menus: the AppleTEAni served within a teapot for two.

This particular flavour had not been my preferred – We’ll be honest. It was completely inoffensive and I drank an entire glass quite easily, but it failed to wow myself. It has been light plus fruity plus sweet enough to not need any additional honey.

The surprise factor rather originated from the particular affectionately called Unicorn Drank. I purchased a little mug because it was for the pricier part due in order to its colour-changing nature.

Green tea in a glass? Appear away, green tea purists

I could safely say I have never acquired a cup of coffee modification colour : plus1 stage to the particular tea fiends.

The drink began as the bright green concoction plus was offered with ” lemon ” juice. There was a huge tea handbag containing the particular fruity tea leaves. By adding a few drops associated with lemon fruit juice, the drink magically changes from a greeny blue to a bright pink.

Maybe I’m just easily pleased, however it was fascinating! It had a bitter taste thus it did need a good spoonful of darling but it was a fun encounter and am didn’t deduct markings for that flavour.

My colour-changing ‘unicorn’ herbal tea

The tea shop also acts an array of cakes, coffees plus hot chocolates so you will find something to get everyone. You can easily wile away an entire afternoon people-watching the regular stream of customers that flowed through the particular store.

Overall, this was a fun experience yet I would say I enjoyed the particular ambience plus the experience of a magical colour-changing drink significantly more than I did the herbal tea itself. Individually, I’m still firmly in the coffee camp but I would be curious in a rematch — perhaps I’m going to spend an additional afternoon sample some of the other 100 flavors on provide.

Ranking: 3. 5/5


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