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It’s time to put away the pumpkin spice lattes and bring out the peppermint mochas. Or better however, forego the particular red cups in support of something new.  

The experience available at a local cafe can’t be replicated. Every offers a different take, whether or not it’s the background music that floods the air, the beef roasts of coffee beans used to create unique aromas and tastes or the decoration. Every store has something it provides to the particular table that will feels distinctive.  

Below you’ll discover eight of our preferred places to hold out plus grab a brand new cup associated with joe having a suggestion for every.

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The particular Rex Cafe

18 In Palafox Saint.

At this point open: The Rex Cafe starts in the former lobby associated with the Rex Theater inside downtown Pensacola.

Did you know there exists a coffee shop in the Rex Theatre? Possessed by Era Church, The Rex Café was born in order to establish a feeling of “fellowship” and “community” outside associated with sermons and Sunday service.

The menu is simple, putting a better emphasis on developing a quality cup of coffee rather compared to chasing more trendy flavors. But do not worry, you can even now grab signature drinks like the Rex Snacks Latte, darling lavender latte, cinnamon nutmeg and more.

Exactly what to consider : The nitro.


almost 8 S. Palafox St.

If you’ve taken the stroll down Palafox, you have probably noticed Fosko — it’s tough to miss. Walking over, you can’t help but notice the granite counter tops, always-filled chairs and warm lighting that fits the particular copper concept from the substantial Elektra Belle Epoque premium coffee machines.

Making use of espresso through Klatch Coffee, Fosko’s menus is bigger than what you’ll find at The Rex Kaffeehaus, but not by much. Some of the signature lattes here consist of the baby latte, caramel latte and white mocha. For cool drinks, you can not go wrong using a Foskolina —house chilly brew with milk plus a dash of vanilla, or a nitro.

The fun doesn’t visit simply coffee, nevertheless. Fosko can be open afterwards than most coffee stores, serves special and savory crepes and is the full-service bar with caffeine-themed cocktails.

What to try : Foskolina.


2050 N. twelfth Ave.

Expanding: The Magnolia in Pensacola is final shop, yet don’t stress! Familiar facial looks are stepping in.

Jitterbug Beverage Co. was originally located inside The Magnolia in East Hill where the two businesses would offer complementary companies — a single serving excellent coffee plus the other food plus alcohol. Like of recently, Jitterbug extended into the particular full space once the Magnolia closed the doors.

The particular result is really a bigger space, later hrs and ale, wine and dinner served after four p. mirielle. Wednesday through Saturday. The coffee continues to be the exact same velvety clean cold brew and coffee drinks supporters have come in order to love— most brewed making use of locally roasted Alla Bombig Coffee.

The particular menu consists of classic cortados, cappuccinos plus the want, but presently there are also seasonal drinks and signature bank lattes like the forager — salted caramel plus hazelnut dusted with nutmeg.

What you should try : Any of their holiday drinks.

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Sleepy Poet Espresso Company

86 Brent Lane

The Sleepy Poet has been founded within 2006 and has been a popular go-to just for coffee snobs ever since it opened its main location about Brent Street in 2007. Walking within the shops, you may immediately show just from the atmosphere that you’re about in order to obtain a glass great coffee.

The coffee served in Drowsy Poet is roasting in little batches making use of specialty Arabica beans. Every roast will be created to suit the type, origin and blend to elevate the flavors. The particular menu provides everything you would expect along with several unique drinks, including the Shakespeare — espresso, steamed milk, sweet, hazelnut capped with whipped cream — and the Milton,   the same yet with caramel instead associated with hazelnut.

Things to attempt : Iced coffee along with your choose of taste.

Bodacious Brew

407 S. Palafox  St.

The Bodacious Brew Kaffeehaus is located in the Bodacious shops on Palafox Road. It’s a great spot to come in order to study whilst sipping upon an espresso and snagging breakfast or even lunch.

The coffee menus is total of hand made espresso drinks including lattes, Americanos, Angelinos and more. You can furthermore enjoy pour-overs, nitros and a rotating cast of seasonal beverages.

What you should try : Caramel latte.

Constant Coffee & Green tea

615 Scenic Freeway

Continuous Coffee & Tea is a favorite among East Pensacola Heights residents for years. The shop is situated inside its own developing, offering a handful associated with tables in the primary area in order to meet up with buddies, some seating near plus around the particular bar plus a meeting room in the back. What really gives Constant its aesthetic will be the quantity of sun light that surges through its front home windows.

The menus offers ample options meant for espresso, pour-overs and specialty lattes. The Canal Street Au Lait is an outstanding, created using brewed house espresso, steamed whole milk and Fresh Orleans Nectar syrup. Nevertheless, their simple vanilla latte hits the little in different ways and is certainly worth a try.

What to try : Vanilla Latte.

Makers Espresso

422 S. Palafox St

Opening: Maker’s Espresso Co. plans to bring innovative space — and good coffee — to down-town Pensacola

Makers Coffee is usually the latest coffee shop on Palafox, located simply down the street from Bodacious. The particular shop has been created simply by makers and is meant for makers. That means they want to be the place exactly where people can come and become inspired to operate on and create anything wish — many while sipping a cup of in your area roasted Seeds Coffee.

Both the food plus drink menus at Maker’s are intended to become easy, having a few special temporary flavors upon rotation designed for drinks. Premium coffee drinks consist of espresso, Americano, cappuccino and a latte, and there’s drip coffee and iced coffee. Designed for food, you are able to grab 4 flavors of frappes, toast and cooked goods want muffins, bagels and snacks.

What in order to try: Keep it basic with their own espresso.

Beleg Beans

875 E. Nine  Mile Road, #3

In the event that you don’t go around to Nine Kilometer Road quite often, you’re probably missing out on some significantly good espresso. Bon Beans is situated in the same strip shopping mall as We Heart Bento, Maynard’s Donuts and Sammy Barker’s, and has a truly large room to enjoy a glass of later on while studying, working or just having a breather.

The coffee here is locally roasted and you’ll find tea, natural smoothies and additional nutritional goodies, including gluten-free and vegan specialties. The menu is definitely perhaps the biggest of the bunch along with many methods from Cubanos, breves plus cortados in order to nitros plus cafe au lait. There are plenty of specialized drinks, too, like the particular Bon Beans latte, Cinco de Mocha and Irish Fiddler.

What you should try : The particular Bon Coffee beans latte — it’s named following the store for a reason.

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