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A brand new bubble tea cafe is at a Leeds, adding to the many spots situated throughout the city. Over the past couple of years bubble or boba tea has become very well-known, if you do not know, bubble teas is a flavoured milk herbal tea (obvious I actually know) along with little flavoured boba — tapioca – pearls with the base, filled with several form associated with topping.

I actually have by no means had bubble tea, I seen this on social media, and in the roads and sometimes thought about trying it yet just never have. So within a bid in order to tick something off an extremely dull container list, I actually decided in order to try the new put in place the city.

Gong Cha, the newest cafe , opened up on Saturday (October 2) and collected hundreds of individuals queuing upward and directly into the Merrion Centre. The particular brand has venues within Manchester, London, Newcastle, Liverpool and at this point Leeds so it appeared no better time for me to lose the boba virginity.

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I took a take off over to Merrion Street, not really knowing what to expect, I acquired done the little study on the best ‘starter’ tea to buy plus was at first just a little overwhelmed. The basic principle is, a person choose your tea — which comes in different flavors such as brown sugar, caramel, plus green — then you choose the dimension, ice degree, sugar degree and any extra toppings.

It was pleasant, but I don't know how often I would get one

It was pleasant, yet I how to start how often I might get one

I didn’t understand what the particular percentages really meant so asked some friends, basically 100 percent is the particular standard, when you wish less sugars and less ice you go down the list.

Might be pretty simple really, as soon as I acquired my head about it and asked several friends what they would suggest. I proceeded to go with the medium caramel milk herbal tea with regular pearls, milk products foam plus left it at that, I don’t wish to overcomplicate and potentially ruin the first ever bubble tea, that would be a shame.

I purchased in a digital kiosk within the small but fresh new café, you may also order in the counter of course and inside around a couple of minutes I experienced my purchase, a couple of minutes appeared a while but I had been merely comparing to coffee shops in which the beverages are a small less involved so I is just not focus on so much.

Once We had our tea plus a big older straw My spouse and i my first taste. I was worried right after choosing 100 % sugar it would end up being too sweet but no, 100 % is the particular standard and it had been pleasant, really pleasant.

I have had the share of iced teas or the particular godforsaken Frappuccino’s from espresso shops and often these are way too sweet, this was not however, it was just right (as Goldilocks would say).

It's a bright and modern cafe inside

It’s actual a shiny and contemporary cafe within

The little boba at the end, which might put several off were good – I’m not really entirely sure if they did anything other than collect the viscous, thick treacle but My spouse and i no problem using them, after all this wouldn’t be bubble green tea without the ‘bubbles’.

Our drink along with an more topping found £5. twenty which has been about what I actually expected, this seemed a little sharp at first but while a treat I can understand why people today would select them. They will are not really the healthiest choice however, it’s sugary tea along with whole milk therefore I me personally wouldn’t go for one daily.

The cafe had seating inside, a good bright environment on a very gloomy day plus the personnel were effective and helpful, I have almost no complaints. My very first connection with bubble tea was good, I will probably get another just to consider using a different flavour but I actually don’t think that it will turn out to be section of our routine. I actually shall stay to an espresso or even Yorkshire Teas to out my thirst.

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